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Asia Commerce has several services, including:

  • Product Classification

AsiaCommerce provide you with wide variety of ready to sell product classification to source. With our 8 main categories, we try to provide as complete as possible type of products for you to choose. Accessories, Furniture, Cosmetics, Food and Beverages, Fashion, Shoes, Bag and Electronics.

  • Export and Import Consultation

Not only Product Sourcing, we also help you in the matter of Import and Export.

For those of you who wanted to grow your business by having Imported product to sell, we provide you with Import Consultation to help you decide what to import and the quantity.

If you are a local manufacturer or designer, you have the chance to sell your product outside of Indonesia because we also provide you with the service of exporting your product to the international market! and do not need to worry if you have never done export before, because we are here to help you!

  • Package Consolidation

That’s an old saying, now you can import your goods even if it’s not in large quantity, because we have package consolidation system, where your product will be shipped alongside with other products, so it will fill the shipment quota including your goods.

When we see your product order, we retrieve your order and double-check that we have the correct specification as you desired and ship it along in a bigger container along with other products.

  • Logistic Door To Door Shipping
  • Quality Inspection

Any issues that happen much cheaper when the goods are not departed yet from the supplier’s facility. Every Product that you order, will be checked before shipment. Once arrive at our warehouse, we will do the quality inspection once more to make sure it is the correct specification and no damaged product before we deliver it to your warehouse.

We ensure every products are according your detail requirement with our dedicated quality inspection tea

  • Product Sourcing

With millions of products to choose from China, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and Japan, you can be sure to discover millions of opportunities to sell and grow.

We work closely with our customer to bring those desired products needed for their business. AsiaCommerce offers competitive advantages for customer. With staggering amounts of Manufacturers and Suppliers, it could be frustrating to find good supplier with trusted quality products.

We don’t just help you find the right suppliers, but we also help you negotiate better pricing for your bulk quantities by handpicked selection of every leading companies in each categories to provide you the best products according to your requirements.

  • Freight Forwarding

We help you save the untold time and potential headaches while providing and utilizing intermediary between shipper and various AsiaCommerce partners. Our proactive and dedicated team partnered with our valued partners, from Air Freighters and Trucking Companies, to Rail Freighters, and Ocean Freighters to move your product from suppliers to your facility.

  • Custom Clearance

Importing goods from the international supplier always need to following the procedure from the national custom clearances. Say no more! AsiaCommerce easing your pain points during the procedure so you can focus only to your business. All you have to do is only order, and wait for your product to arrive! As for Export, all you have to worry is the production, because the custom clearance part will be ours to handle.