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AsiaCommerce Preventive Measures against Covid-19

AsiaCommerce Preventive Measures against Covid-19

16 March 2020

To All our Esteemed Clients and Partners

The past few weeks have been hectic and confusing. Every day we get more news about COVID-19, and it’s tough to know exactly what to do.

For me, making sure that all Client’s demands are still well met despite the unfortunate situation while making sure our team maintain a very hygienic condition is my number one priority. We’re also taking steps to make sure our team is informed and taken care of.

We want our customers to get the supplies they depend on. And yes, despite the situation, our business is running and we are taking and shipping orders as usual.

Here is what AsiaCommerce is doing to safely meet demand.

  • • We’ve always been a clean workplace, but we have ramped up our efforts by inviting Professional Disinfectant Specialist to come and do more efforts to increase our hygienic environment.
  • • We do take a great care with social distancing with 50% of our staff use online meetings to take care of business now.
  • • In accordance with the current national recommendations, our employees must wash their hands every time they enter the building, pass a sink, eat, or touch a doorknob.
  • • Weeks ago, we halted all cross-country and cross city travel for all business to keep employees close to home,
  • • we have also switched to 2-days work shifts at office and home to decrease the number of people in the building at one time. 
  • • All our fulfillment team who are currently operating the Fulfillment Hub has been monitored continuously for body heat and has been using hand sanitizer before and after they did the work 
  • • We have established a task force to monitor all COVID-19 information as it comes out and react accordingly. 

Thank you for your continued support during these confusing times. Know that we are doing everything we can to get your supplies delivered on time while keeping our employees safe.

Keep washing your hands,

Frans Yuwono

International Dropshiping China Goods

Import business is certainly the most interesting business by all young enterpreneurs who just already start their business. The problem at the beginning is what kind of goods you want to import? Where is it from? And How? Surely these such questions are always poppingup your mindasyou plan to start your business. Solution? Let’s try China import business. Then what kind of China’ goods you look for so that it is right for your business? Check these following reviews out!!

Benefits of China Goods Business

At first, to convince you about China import business, we will talk about the benefits of China goods production. If you talk about its benefits, it will absolutely relate to your business profit in the future.

  1. Highly efficient

The first benefits of China goodsbusiness is very efficient. One thing you have to know that many China factories are sought all over the world because of its amazing speed and effectiveness. When the production line is set up, the manufacturing process can be started by either less interuption or no interuption at all. It will be more beneficial when the goods demand is very high and you cannot waste your time even for one day. So, your goods demand will be processed faster without waiting for a long time.


  1. Worldwide shipping

Although the goods are made in China, it will be very easy to ship them all over the world. Further, you are not only focusing on the domestic market but also international market.


  1. Less production cost

Look for China goods by using friendly business rules. You can get the result you want without spend a lot of money by a low cost for spare parts and labor. In addition, if you can choose China’s import partner for your overseas business, you can save costs upto 20-30%.


  1. China Goods quality

China goods quality is growing every year by so many businesses turning to China. Most consumers want the low-priced and long last products or goods. It makes China as the most ideal place to produce the goods.

There are many amazing benefits when you choose China goods business. Cheap production costs can make the lower price that make your consumers and investors happy.

Then, what kind of China goods right for you?

It will be very challenging when you find China goods especially goods which come from abroad. Here is the list of imported goods from China which are the most interested by people.

  1. Fashion products

Fashion products coming from overseas especially China are more attracting Indonesian people’ attention when they are seeking for trendy products. It has many variations of types and prices. Most people are interesting to buy fashion products especially clothes and its trinkets. It is a great pride when you use trendy and up to date fashion products that come from abroad especially China products.

  1. Householdproducts / Home daily

Find cheap imported goods from China such as household goods or home daily is a challenge. You should know what kind of household goods that will attract buyers to buy your products. However, once if you can sell, there are many more buyers come to find the same items. These items include to the most seekable products by Indonesian people especially for kitchen utensils. There are always some innovations that can give convenience way in working on kitchen. Many types of kitchen utentils we can purchase from China goods. For instances, various types of fruits and vegetables cutters, food warmer to a special sterilizer rack for baby bottles. Everything is on imported China goods, so what are you waiting for? Let’s find your favorite China household products based on your taste.

  1. Unique and cute products

This product is also sold out well to be imported from the top two products above. If you ask “ is there any unique product or China imported good?” the answer is “SO MANY..” As mentioned before that producers in China are always making innovations to improve their goods’ quality. Not only that but also many producers in China are developing many unique and cute goods that can be marketed to all over the world with a low price. Others, if you choose to import unique and cute China goods, it will be the right target because there are many types and designs of products. In addition, many enthusiasts are quite enough to start and grow your business. Goods such as mosquito repellent pin for baby, phone holder for your car’s dashboard to unique apolo bag for your cat or dog and many more interesting goods you can find!

After you find some common China goods that are sought by most importers. Now, let’s consider these following tips and tricks for starting China goods business right for you.

Tips and Tricks for China Goods Business

Tips 1, 2, and 3 – Know what kind of market you want

This first step is very important for you to know to pick China imported goods is that “You have to know what kind of market you target!” the biggest mistake from newly importers is picking up the goods they think can be sold very well. However, the fact is totally WRONG.

You cannot only see from your competitors then copy the way to sell their products with the same product. It’s sure that you will get fail. You have to understand what kind of market you want to take.

If you do not understand what kind of market you want to sell at the beginning, at the end you will not get effective marketing, you will not know how to give price at your goods or you will not know how to do quality inspection, etc. Even if you can earn the income in a short time, you will be lose toward your competitors who know their market type and can do it so well.

Our advice: most people exactly have a hobby or something that attracts them. This is your starting point to start identifying good China imported goods. If you do not have certain hobby or something suitable to you then try to identify areas you can learn.

So, if you don’t have a hobby or something attracts you as the candidate for the source of imported product, try to look for a hobby or an interest!

Tips 4 – Choose low risk goods

The scariest thing for someone who imports China goods is that importing goods that will hurt others. You will not only experience moral burden of hurting someone but also you can be in court because of all the money you get. Many new importers start their business by opening their company individually or personally, so you will have unlimited responsibilities.

We suggest you to look for low risk China goods such as furniture products which have small risk. We live in a law country, so it is better for you to obey the regulations about imported products. Remember that!! Better for you to prevent than cure, right?!

Tips 5 – Choose original goods

Hopefully that this next tip is make sense without need any more explanation but for some people may not. Just do not import unoriginal goods! If there is a well-known branded name listed in a China goods. Furthermore, when you know that the brand is not made by Asia especially China, so it can be known easily this product is unoriginal. Even there is a trademark such as ® or ™ in the unoriginal one, it cannot make sure that the goods are original. Most people are unconsciously importing branded goods, we hope you are not!

However, usually most importers unconsciously import branded products but all of them are unoriginal. Due to the law of patent rights is very low especially in China, so it ease the importers to make unoriginal goods which is not belong to their patents.



It makes the suppliers will not hesitate to sell unoriginal products or in other words, it has been patented in other countries. They will not find out what branded goods are patented, so it is your own job to find it out.

Tips 6 – Prioritize experience rather than standard

When you start importing China goods, business owners usually make mistake by looking for some companies that can produce in very high quantities. By doing that, they will not afraid if the stock runs out when their business starts growing.

However, they do not realize that it is not exactly better. Quality standard is vary drastically and the best way to ensure a successful supply is working with experienced producers. In some cases, exerienced producerscan add their productions based on your demand.

Find Cheap China Goods

Finding cheap goods especially for China goods surely will make you very satisfy when you successfully got it. Especially, if the products include to high-quality products from China which not everyone can have (unique and cute products). You can browse on the online shop to find overseas products from China with low price or consult it directly to the parties who receive China imported goods services.

You can find suppliers of imported China goods that you need who offers very achievable price for you. When you have found it then you can compare which one is the cheapest price of all. Interested in starting China import business!! Find your China stuff right NOW!!


China Importing Guide: How to Import from China Easily

China Importing Guide: How to Import from China Easily

China importing have been proven as a successful tactic for Global Sourcing in all businesses. Products made by China such as shoes, clothes, electronics, furniture, household furnishings and much more are usually popular and very price competitive.

However, importing goods from China is definitely not easy especially for newbies. The process of China importing itself can be very complex, confusing and expensive. The expected profits could often be lost because of the regulation cost and fluctuating shipping cost.

Since we are quite an expert in sourcing and importing from china, I thought we should provide you some step by step guidances from our point of view. We have handled many Sourcing from China to the world over the years and its safe to say that we are quite proficient on these things. So let’s check how to do Importing from China and what you can do to make its process easier and more efficient

1 – Identify the goods you want to import

You make money by selling products the right products. Choosing the wrong products means you will lose your time and money. If you want to be a successful importer, the first thing you do is choosing a suitable product for your business.

china imports

It is better to collect as much as possible information on the items you want to import. Search for descriptive information on goods and if possible, try to always get a product sample first.

The descriptive information will allow you to determine the right product classification, which in turn will also determine the product’s import duty and taxes.

china imports

Custom Authorities do not have time to open every carton and classify the goods by themselves. Instead, they will rely on HS code to determine to product classification and it is up to you to make sure that the right HS Code is written on the import documents. Otherwise, you could get in a lot of troubles when the custom authorities find that your product classification is wrong.

Of course, when you use our Product Sourcing Solution to import your products, you don’t have to worry about making error in product classification anymore since we will check the products in China directly and match it with the product classification in your respective countries.

We suggest:

  • Start with your favorite product. It will make you excited to sell your own favourite produts
  • Start with the unique product: because every often, you can make a killing if you are the first in the market and you know your target audience.
  • Start with the product that you can easily ship with large quantity: this will make shipping fare cheaper for each unit. That means, choose products that are small and light.

2 – Make sure the goods you want to import are approved by your country

Some goods are banned to be imported. Different countries have different restrictions on goods. Make sure that the products you import follow to the permissions, restriction or any regulation from your country.

The importer’ responsibility i.e., you is to make sure that the goods are appropriate to the general and certain regulation. Do not attempt to import any goods before you know that you have fulfilled all the requirements or you could easily get your goods held by the custom authorities.

Another popular solution that we provide to our customers is our Cross Border Solution where we will act as your intermediary importers / exporters and we will work on the regulations completely in our side. You don’t have to worry anymore about all red tape regulations and you can rest easy to know that your goods are being handled by professionals in this area.

3 – Calculate your landed cost

china imports

Landed Cost is the total cost of goods after including purchase cost, shipping cost, insurance and other costs to the port destination.

Calculating landed cost is crucial to determine your true cost of purchase and it will affect your selling price and also profit margins. However, more often than not, calculating the final landed cost is not very straight transparent since each countries has each own duty and custom tax on each product categories. Please consult with your forwarders to understand your goods landed cost.

Pay attention to the Incoterms (set or terms that are designed to determine the responsibility between seller and buyer in International trade). After you manage to secure the favourable incoterms (usually FOB or CNF), you can now let your forwarder to calculate the total of landed cost for your goods.

Of course, when you use our Cross Border Solution, you can get a quote of your landed cost easily.

We suggest:

  • Get a Proforma Invoice and Packing List from your supplier complete with the Incoterms
  • Get a quote of your landed cost from AsiaCommerce Teams. Fill the form here.
  • Decide if you want to go ahead with ordering ands shipping

4 – Start ordering from Chinese Suppliers

china imports

This is the most important part of China importing process. Putting your order at the supplier or exporter and understand the shipping requirements that will be used. When you have selected the supplier, ask for P/I (Proforma Invoice) to your prospective purchase including a harmonized system number, descriptions and benefits per item. Your P/I have to show the weight and dimension of the goods which are packaged and the time length of your purchase.

What is Proforma Invoice? It is a non-binding document that can help you forecast and calculate your landed cost of purchase.

Put it simply, the proforma invoice is only a document which states a seller’s commitment to provide goods or services that have been determined to the buyer at a particular price.

In AsiaCommerce, you can directly browse a catalog to see a wide range of our best collection products that the quality has been guaranteed since it has already curated by our professional curator directly. So, you do not need to find the best products from the Chinese suppliers and choose the best products for you to import because the asiacommerce’s products are best quality guaranteed and trendy.

5 – Arranging Cargo transportation

There are many costs associated with shipping, those are container fees, packaging, terminal handling, and brokerage fees.

The broker is one who manages transactions between buyers and sellers to get commissions when transactions happened. A broker who also acts as a seller or a buyer becomes a major party in the deal. Brokers are independent parties whose services are used extensively in some industries.

Their main task is to bring sellers and buyers together. Thus, a broker is a facilitator or a third person between buyer and seller. As the example, a real estate broker who facilitate the sale of a property. In order to get the complete description of shipping costs, some of these factors should be included in the account.

When you have satisfied with the shipping quotation, you need to send your supplier contact details or forward the contact details from your suppliers. We will take over from here. We will try to keep in contact with you and your suppliers and also make sure that your shipping is fast and safe.

china imports

Check a preferable shipping transportation in China importing: 

  1. Ocean Shipment : LCL or FCL
  2. Air Shipment: minimum of 45 kg/batch
  3. Courier service: good for batch with less than 45 kg.

We suggest:

a. Always consider that delay will occur during China importing process.

As the example, a good item may not be produced on time, a ship may not be sailing on schedule, the goods may be being held by customs. Be prepared and plan accordingly.

Do not expect that your cargo will leave the port immediately when everything is met at the company. It will, therefore, take at least 1-2 days to transport your cargo from the company to the port.

And the process of customs decision to make your cargo stay in the port at least 1-2 days.

Furthermore, in some cases, there is only one frequency of routes per week. If you missed the day specified in this week, it means that you have to wait until the specified day next week.

b. Choose a good freight forwarder partner

Freight forwarder, forwarder or forwarding agent, also known as a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) is an individual or company that arranges Shipment (or delivery of goods) for individuals or companies to obtain goods from producers or producers for markets, customers or the ends point of distribution. The forwarder will work together with a carrier or some carriers to move the goods. This carrier can use various modes of delivery. A forwarder cannot move things but they work as experts in the logistics network. As stated earlier that this carrier can use various modes of shipping, including ship lines via, aircraft, trucks, and trains, and often times uses many kinds of modes only for one shipment. For example, a freight forwarder might arrange a cargo to be transferred from the factory to the airport by truck, fly to the destination, then transfer it from the airport to the customer’s building with another truck.

International freight forwarders usually cope with international shipping. International freight forwarders have an additional expertise in preparing and processing customs and doing activities related to the international shipping.

Logistics is a highly valued aspect of modern business. The shipping cost includes both the direct and indirect cost of transporting product from its original place to the destination market. Cargo transportation is an important part of China importing process and also one of the long-lasting and long term processes.

Therefore, you can contact us, asiacommerce to solve everything.

7 – Track your cargo and prepare for its arrival

The shipping of goods internationally takes time. For instance, the goods shipped from China usually takes about 7 to 20 days to arrive in Indonesia. The duration of delivering goods from China to Indonesia depends on the method taken, normally it takes less than 7-12 business days by using Air Mail Shipping, while by using Express Shipping, it takes up to approximately 3-7 working days.

During that time, check your commercial invoice, package list, landing fee, and all other things related to document freight.

The commercial invoice is a document required by customs to determine the true value of imported goods, to assess the duties and taxes. A commercial invoice must contain the identity of the buyer and seller, and other data as follow:

  1. Date and terms of sale,
  2. Quantity, weight, and volume of goods shipped,
  3. Type of packaging
  4. The complete goods description
  5. Unit value and total value, and
  6. Insurance, postage and other costs.

If there is a problem that needs to be solved, you have to know what steps you should take for your items when you are inspected by the customs in your count.

8 – Receive your imported goods and prepare to start selling

china imports

When the goods arrive, make an arrangement on your customs broker to clear your goods from customs (if any from quarantine). If all goes well, you can have the goods delivered to your warehouse as quickly as possible.

Ready to Start Importing from China?

Let us know and Get the logistics quote today

The Advantages of China Import Business

The Advantages of China Import Business

Increasing demand for goods makes import business as one of the opportunities for a businessman to take profit and among the types of goods import business, goods import from China can be your good opportunity to create a new market in your hometown. Why should be China import? Let’s consider these some advantages of China import.

1 – The goods price is very cheap

This is what you have to know. The goods’ price sold in China is very cheap. You can even bargain the price of an item to the very cheap one from the price offered.

The advantages of China import for you is, you can automatically resell the products or goods freely up to 10 times from the price of imported goods. Are you lucky? Definitely. Furthermore, you have to get the goods at the lowest price. So, it can be beneficial for you to reduce the import cost.

2 – Unique and rare goods sold in another country

Supplier or products manufacturers in China always make their own innovations to the products or goods they have made. Automatically, it can make a lot of unique and rare goods produced in China. Not only that but also more beneficially it is rarely met the manufacturers for unique and rare goods in every market.

So, it can be your opportunity to sell these unique goods. Due to the fact that some country in the world has fewer manufacturers but the market demand for these is getting improve increasingly in all of the worlds.

3 – Many best quality goods are available

Many people think that the goods from China are fragile and durable easily. That is totally WRONG!! China imported products are guaranteed to have best and good quality because before the goods or products are ready to be imported, it will pass to the checking process first. So, there is no worry about the cheap price and best quality.

4 – The high-profit margin

advantages of china import

This is the most profitable we get from China import business. On the first profit mentioned above, if you get very cheap prices of the products or goods, you will probably earn the profit margin up to (100-1000%) when you sell imported China products in the market. Not only that but also you can set the goods price by yourself without worrying about the losses you will get because it ensures you will be very profitable if doing this business. That’s the great advantages of China import

5 – Your online business will grow faster

You are the one who starts the China import business. You will automatically open a great opportunity for those who want to be a reseller or drop shipper of your goods. Not only that but also your status will change to supplier/vendor of China imported products. It is a big deal your business will grow faster.

That’s all the benefits of China import business you can get. Are you interested to be one of them? Come and join us! >Click in here< to get the advantages of import China.



Increase Sales and Build Loyalty with Email Confirmation Order

Increase Sales and Build Loyalty with Email Confirmation Order

What things do buyers like and make them return again? Buyers like email confirmation order. Yes, they will open it repeatedly, click on the link, and give the email priority in the inbox. In fact, a confirmation email can help online sellers to gain confidence and additional business.

About 64 percent of shoppers consider transactional email confirmation the most valuable messages in their inboxes, according to a whitepaper, email service provider, an order confirmation email also has a high degree of openness, 114.30 percent compared with the average level of openness between 13 and 14 percent for email marketing campaigns.

Order confirmation email has to be transactional. But this does not mean that online sellers can not cover information or even an offer intended to strengthen relationships with buyers and encourage additional purchases.

Order confirmation email is also the first touch point of purchase, also the first opportunity for sellers to adequately support the sale. It can be used to present policy recommendations and communicating the product, making it easier to find information about the status of orders, and can also be used as an opportunity to promote marketing.

Upgrade Purchasing Information

An order confirmation email in addition to informing your customer that the order has been received and your store will start the process of picking and packing of goods. But it can also build trust. When the order information of your online store is better, you show professionalism and trust.

Consider to show:

  • The order number;
  • Estimated delivery date, even before the item has been delivered;
  • A description of the item or items purchased;
  • Product prices and taxes;
  • Product photos;
  • Shipping costs;
  • Link to your return policy;
  • Customer service contact information, including phone numbers.

Email Konfirmasi Pesanan

Confirmation of the order had to explain almost every aspect of the order. Making it a reference buyers can return whenever they have questions.

Fast Delivery

Order confirmation email of an online store is an analogy of the physical form of a receipt printed at the end of the transaction which is usually done by most people in the shop who do direct face to face interaction between buyer and seller.

In other words, speed is important. Try to convey this transactional messages in seconds.

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Relevant Product Recommendation Offers

Personalization is key to product recommendations in your order confirmation email. Thus, these recommendations should not be hard coded into the email.

Offer two or three suggestions of products based on shopper’s order history and profile. This is not an upsell, where you offer a product similar to one that is purchased, but cross-sell, with the related item that complements the product purchased.

Consider the problems onsite, as well. Is your website showing some product recommendations during shopping or checkout? How do customers react to recommendation?

Do Not Treat Customers As If They Are New Buyers

To further enhance the order confirmation email message, try not to treat all customers equally. There is a difference between the first buyer with your regular customers.

Consider giving a different order confirmation email for repeated buyers. Thank them for their loyalty and offer them something special to come back. If your store is discounting a product, this may be a coupon code just for them. Or if the discount is not part of your business model, consider a free product or a specific service for regular customers.

Design for Mobile Devices

Email Confirmation

According to most surveys, 45-70 percent of the email message is read via a mobile device, therefore it is not wrong to make viewing an email message eye-catching in mobile. In fact, given the current state of the email marketing industry, the mobile phone is the first thing that has become a standard.

Make It Look Good

Finally, email confirmation order should look good. It needs to reflect your brand.

The formula for building loyalty and sell more with the order confirmation email is, first, to strengthen your confidence gained during the initial purchase and, secondly, to offer the opportunity to buy more through product recommendations.

Eye-Catching Email Design

A professional design implies professionality.

So, thats the tips to increase sales and build loyalty with email confirmation order, hope it helps to grow your business. Is there anything that we’ve missed or you maybe have another opinion regarding this? Leave in the comment below.

Need more information abou ecommerce tips and trick >Click Here<